Thursday, September 08, 2005

747 lands in 2800 feet

3rd week of classes and folks are down, hurricane news is all over the air, nasty fight shaping up for the Supreme Court, etc., etc.

Time for some cool news.

This site gives a blow-by-blow description of an amazing feat: landing a 747 on a runway only 50 feet wide and stopping within 2,800 feet. They were retiring the 747 (with 107,000 flight hours on it!) and delivering it to an air museum. You can really get a feeling for the pilot's skill with that last picture, where the 747 totally dwarfs the runway: every single engine is hanging off the edge. It looks like a sidewalk. And check out the second picture: note how close he put it to the end of the runway to get as much distance as possible.

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