Wednesday, March 08, 2006

waking up in bizarro world

Tom Delay is indicted, forced to step down because of the scandal, and . . . wins the Texas Republican primary by 61%?

In the meantime, Congress tells the President you broke the law when you authorized domestic surveillance, but we're not going to investigate, even though about, um, 8 of us know what actually happened. Instead, you naughty President, we're going to pass a law that (retroactively?) authorizes what you did, establishes an oversight function that may or may not actually oversee, and requires you to get a warrant after you've been spying for 45 days. It's not clear at the moment whether that's any and all spying for 45 days, or spying on the same person for 45 days, or what. Could the people doing the spying launch a general dragnet, where they spy on one set of people for 44 days, then shift to the next set of people, and so on? How long before they come back to the first set? And, since we don't know anything about this program, because there's been no investigation, how effective can we expect the legislation to be?

In the meantime, the PATRIOT act is now pretty much permanent. Also, we have U.S. envoys warning of civil war in Iraq, while the administration (via Donald Rumsfeld) said it was an exaggeration. Normally I wouldn't do this, but I'm in that kind of mood: let's not forget we've already won in Iraq.

I hate it when I wake up in Bizarro World. If I go back to bed, will the world get better?

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