Tuesday, April 04, 2006

taking a break for the rain

One whirlwind trip's just ended and we're getting ready for another. On Monday I got an oral commitment on a place to rent. I sign the papers Thursday. Also on Monday Coppertop arranged for the movers to come. They show up Saturday, so we're both flying up Friday evening to prep the place, we'll be there Saturday for the move and clean up afterwards, then we fly back Sunday. Coppertop will take the painfully early flight -- the only affordable one -- while I'll leave a bit later to handle any last-minute mop-up. In the meantime, studies (for me) and training (for her) continue at the usual crazy pace.

We're having a fairly rare rain shower here. I took a few minutes to eat and sit on the covered patio near the grille. The smell of the rain brought back memories of sitting on the front porch during a full-blown, proper, Texas or Florida-style thunderstorm, drinking a beer and watching the show. I like California, but I sometimes get nostalgic for the kinds of thunderstorms you only get in more tropical parts of the world, where the rain's coming down in sheets, lightning's jumping everywhere, and getting wet isn't an annoyance, it's just a fact of life.

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