Friday, February 09, 2007

avoid violent braking next 125 miles

I just got the car back from the shop, where they put in new rear brake pads. On the stick they put this little tag: "Attention: Avoid violent braking next 125 miles." Huh? So now I'm wondering.

(1) If it's a choice between braking violently or colliding violently, I think braking violently has to win.

(2) What happens if I do brake violently? I mean, the whole reason I took the car in is to make sure the brakes are going to stop me when I really need them to. Will the back end of the car fall off? Or will the brakes just go on strike?

(3) Maybe that tag is telling me to avoid gratuitous violent braking--you know, violent braking for fun. If so, that suggests the rather scary possibility that there must be enough people in this world who brake violently just for the Hell of it that it makes sense to put little tags on the gear shift telling them to lay off for the next 125 miles.

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