Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finally, a weekend?

All the sudden, it seems like that I’ve got some time that I can use for doing what I want to do this weekend. If you feel what I just said sounds strange or funny, you are probably one of those lucky people who has time for yourself over a weekend.

I spent lots of time to do my SAS programming work in the weekends of March and April. The place that I work has a programmer-shortage, we have had so many tasks to complete, and I program SAS to some extent. Thus, I ended up taking a programming task though I have never been trained as a programmer. The task turned out to be more complicated and time-consuming than I thought. In addition, I had my own priority tasks to complete at the same time. Well, I ended up spending several weekends to do this programming work. An advantage to work on the programming task over the weekend is that I was able to pick the False Data’s brain. Thank you! You are a wonderful programmer and helper and soon-to-be a legal expert! The task was mostly done last night after the midnight.

So, what am I doing on Sunday? I cannot come up anything that I feel like to do though I know there are many things that I have to do. Therefore, here I am, just blogging … how productive I am …

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