Saturday, June 30, 2007

community property

Community property has to be the hardest subject I've covered. It's not that the concepts are difficult--in fact, they're usually straightforward--it's that reading this area of law is like sifting through the debris from the wreckage of a thousand marriages. Every little rule is a tombstone, a crater left by another marriage that exploded.

For example, normally either spouse may buy or sell community property. So you can spend your wife's salary to buy the family groceries, for example. But there's this lovely little exception: a spouse cannot sell personal property used in the family dwelling--furniture, furnishings, etc.--or clothing without the written consent of the other spouse. Imagine the scenario that gave rise to that gem of a rule.

Alright, back to slogging through this stuff. I'm coming up on what happens when one spouse tries to sell the family home. Yay.

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