Sunday, December 23, 2007

blog reviews

Don't blog about your work. That's the rule. Blogging about work is a bad scene, especially if your co-workers clue in to the fact you have a blog. So I've been avoiding writing about work. Trouble is, the last couple months work's about all I've been doing. Except buying a house, which I'll probably get to in a post or two.

But in the meantime, here's a review of some favorite other blogs. These are the ones I tend to read pretty consistently even when life is crazy, sort of a core list.

Making it Up As I Go Along. A good friend writes it. It's a good way to stay in touch.

Schneier on Security
. All sorts of security stuff--mostly computer- and network-security, but sometimes you'll see stuff like the scandal a few years ago when people figured out how to pick a kryptonite lock using a ball-point pen.

Inky Circus. A totally rockin' science blog. They comb the web for fun science-related stuff and present it in a wonderfully irreverent way. Not fun science-related stuff as in the latest news about brane theory. Fun science-related stuff like DNA-shaped dog chew-toys and using hamburger shrinkage to measure done-ness.

Long Views. The blog of the Long Now foundation. These folks are planning to build a clock that will run for 10,000 years, chiming every millennium or so and, far more interesting to me, a library that'll last equally as long.

Unreasonable Rocket. A father/son team is building a rocket. More precisely, they're building a lander to compete in the X-Prize Cup Lunar Lander Challenge. How cool is that?

There are several others blogs I follow, but on most of them the traffic's too high, so they get dropped off the list as my free time decreases. Unfortunately, I rarely have time for a 50-entry blogroll like the A list boggers do.

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