Sunday, January 20, 2008

working on the master bath

We made more house progress today. The previous owner had removed the doors from the master bathroom, probably to make access easier. We discovered one of the doors in the garage and the other stored in the shelves built along the garage's ceiling. Coppertop cleaned both of them and we re-hung them today. I spent a good bit of time trying various miracle cleaning products on the stains in the shower (and occasionally releasing some really nasty fumes when two products that are never supposed to be used together accidentally came into contact.) After much scrubbing with Lime-Away, Soft Scrub, soap scum cleaner, and whatever else I could think of to try, the stains are somewhat better but still not great. We may decide to put down epoxy paint as a temporary measure until we can afford to do some serious work on the bathroom.

We also met the neighbor on one side of the house and briefly exchanged pleasantries.

Much progress, but much more remains to be done.


Coppertop said...

Yeah ... there are still stains, but I am sure that no bacteria are still alive and well after all the cleaning chemical solutions being splayed over them so many times. If any bacteria have survived them, they must be mutants that no one would want to challenge.

Anonymous said...

they have this product called "awesome" spray on let sit few minutes wipe off if its meant to be removed this stuff works better than anything I have ever tried can buy it at dollar stores. good luck