Thursday, May 19, 2005

ad astra per aspirin

I hate finals. And I'm not alone. Law school finals bring with them their own particular brand of suckage because your entire grade for the semester comes down to, essentially, one 4-5 hour long test. The stress can be -- literally -- a killer.

Best advice I've heard this entire finals session was from a Lutheran pastor: "Just remember: Breathe in . . . Breathe out . . . Repeat."

Best line so far: "I didn't know it was possible for someone to be annoying even when they're giving a test."

Right now, I have classmates who are ticked at each other, some are depressed, some are bouncing off the walls, and there's been at least one report of someone reenacting the books-flying-off-the-shelf scene from Ghostbusters. And I've personally been most of the above (except for the being ticked or Ghostbusters parts.)

Hang in there, folks. One test to go and we're done with this mess. It's for the class with the smallest number of credit hours and, shockingly, we know the prof's testing style. And remember to keep it in perspective: this is two (hellish) weeks out of a long life you've already had and many more years to come.

Breathe in . . . Breathe out . . . Repeat.

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