Sunday, June 12, 2005

benches with Genuine People Personalities

The Hitchhiker's Guide fans should get a kick out of this story. Via Slashdot. The BBC reports that a London artist has created and installed a new, solar-powered set of benches and trash bins in one of the parks.
Andrew Shoben, from Greyworld, said: "At first glance it may look like nothing has changed at all but the bins and benches all have unique personalities.

"They are what's called "generative" so that over time they develop more and more personality.
It brings to mind Zaphod's priceless argument with the elevator (make that the Sirius Cybernetics Happy Vertical People Mover) in the radio series.

The thing about the Guide series of stories that was so powerful is that they really did present a reflection of our lives. It's unfortunate that the recent movie missed this characteristic. The movie was tourism: "look at the funny aliens and their funny ways." The books and BBC radio and TV series were so funny because they took our world and exaggerated it: "look at us and our funny ways."

As we'll find out just as soon as an artist unveils toilets with "generative" personalities. And a penchant for potty humor.

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