Thursday, June 02, 2005

US bill to ban municipal wireless?

Thanks to Off the Kuff for this pointer. According to Save Muni Wireless, U.S. Rep Pete Sessions of Dallas has introduced HR 2726, the Preserving Innovation in Telecom Act of 2005, a bill "to prohibit municipal governments from offering telecommunications, information, or cable services except to remedy market failures by private enterprise to provide such services."

I've already mentioned that I think municipal wireless might be a good idea. I certainly don't see any justification for taking that choice away from the municipality or state. A quick Google search turns up an interesting page on that lists Mr. Sessions' top campaign contributors. Looks like SBC is getting its $23,750 worth.

Real Time Resolutions, at $26K, originally also looked like a high-tech firm. However, it looks like they're trying to foreclose on someone in North Carolina. This press release says "Real Time Resolutions, Inc. of Dallas, Texas, which services distressed loans . . . ." Looks like they're in the business of foreclosing on delinquent loans.

So, it's all you, SBC.

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