Sunday, August 28, 2005

forecast for New Orleans

Here's the aviation weather forecast for New Orleans Naval Air Station, a.k.a. KNBG or Alvin Callendar Field. With translations.
NBG 282121 06015G25KT 9000 BR SCT030 BKN050 OVC080 QHN2960INS
TEMPO 2202 VRB30G45KT 1600 SHRA BR SCT005 OVC010CB/
Temporary condition from 2200 GMT to 0200 GMT: winds from variable directions at 30 knots, gusts to 45, with rain showers and overcast skies.
BECMG 0204 06040G55 SCT005 OVC010 QNH2900INS
From 0200 to 0400 GMT, becoming winds from 060 degrees at 40 knots, gusts to 55.
TEMPO 0206 VRB50G70KT 1600 TSRA BR SCT005 OVC010C
Then thundershowers, variable direction winds at 50kt, gusts to 70.
BECMG 0507 VRB115G130KT 0400 +TSRAGR BR SCT005 OVC010CB QNH2860INS
Then all hell breaks loose from 0500 to 0700 GMT: winds variable directions at 115kt, gusts to 130, heavy thunderstorms and hail.
TEMPO 0509 +FC
With severe tornadoes and waterspouts... (FC is funnel cloud. The "+" means more severe than your ordinary, garden variety funnel cloud.)
TEMPO 0915 +FC
More severe tornadoes from 0900 GMT to 1500.
BECMG 1516 120145G175KT 0100 +SHRA BR SCT005 OVC010 QNH2663INS
Leading to winds from 120 degrees at 145kt, with gusts to 175kt and heavy rain showers. 145kt is about 165 mph. 175kt is about 200mph.
FM1630 VRB06KT 9999 SCT300 QNH2668INS
The eye will pass around 16:30 GMT. Winds variable at 6kt. Scattered high-altitude clouds.
FM1830 270140G160KT 0100 +TSRA BR SCT005 OVC010CB
QNH2672INS T24/11Z T34/20Z
Then at 18:30GMT they'll get smacked by the other wall. Winds from 270 degrees at 140kt, gusts to 160kt, with heavy thunderstorms, a broken layer of clouds at 500 feet, and a solid layer of thunderheads starting at 1000 feet.

Let's hope the weather man got this one wrong.

If you want the latest forecast, go here, type in KNBG, select "translated," and click "get TAFs." Be aware, though, that there's a bug in the translation code: +FC means severe funnel clouds, not no significant weather.

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