Sunday, August 13, 2006

Microsoft's on my sh*t list again

Editing documents. Going through changes. Windows decides to do an automatic update. Since I'm busy going through (hardcopy) sources, I don't see the "I'm going to reboot your computer in 5 minutes unless you tell me not to" notice. Computer reboots. Office dumps some of my changes -- no recovery notice or anything else.

Microsoft, the only reason I use your crappy products is that I'm locked in to being compatible with other people who dislike your crappy products as much as I do. I have no idea what you were thinking with that misfeature. Automatic reboot with an opt-out? And I have to lose work because you couldn't be (a) bothered to test your security-hole-ridden operating system properly in the first place, (b) couldn't be bothered to make sure Office saves properly on a forced reboot, (c) chose to design a system that's so brain-dead it has to force a reboot just to update itself, and (d) didn't have the foresight to do even a modicum of thinking about the fact that people who are locked into your crappy products have to use them to do real work?

I've now neutered autoupdate on this machine. It'll download automatically, but that's it.

P.S. If you read this, kindly explain to me why Windows Update sets its reboot period to 5 minutes, but Word defaults to saving autorecovery information every 10 minutes.

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Maria Elisa said...

Fight the power!! (Fist in the air)