Friday, August 18, 2006

Train Travel

I’ve discovered that I like train travel. Coppertop works in Santa Barbara three days a week, telecommuting the other days. I had a week between work and classes starting, so I tagged along. It’s a five hour trip each way, but there’s ample leg room in business class and they supply electric outlets. Unfortunately a practitioner of the fine art of cell yell landed in the seat behind me, but iTunes and a set of folding headphones are taking care of that problem. Unlike the airlines, the tray table is big enough to work on, and there’s plenty of scenery to watch out the window.

The Santa Barbara trip was mostly a quiet one. With Coppertop working, I was mostly left to my own devices during the day. As it turned out, my own devices mostly involved hanging out in parks and at the beach, taking naps (an older Honda Civic makes a pretty good spot for a nap if you lay the driver’s seat all the way back) and getting some work done on the home server. I tried to get up into the mountains today for a drive, but they’d just shut the highway down because of an accident, which I took as a sign to just head back and chill.

Anyway, I recommend Amtrak business class if you get the chance and aren’t in too much of a hurry to get where you’re going.

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