Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Tiddlywiki is shiny, in the same sense a blue LED on a cell phone is shiny: it's one of those things that might or might not be especially useful, but it's really neat to play with.

Tiddlywiki is a single, self-contained web page that contains its own built-in editor that you can use to add little bits of information and link them to other little bits of information, all living inside the one web page. There's a fair bit of javascript in it to keep it all working smoothly, so from a technical standpoint it's a nifty trick.

From a practical standpoint, well, I have this shiny new hammer and I'm in search of a nail. Right now, I'm trying it out as a place to put those little bits of information that I might've put in my PDA before, things like birthday/Christmas gift lists and names of good restaurants. I've downloaded a copy of Tiddlywiki to my hard drive and have a bookmark to it in my web browser. We'll see how well this works, but I have great faith that such an interesting tool must have a useful application somewhere.

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