Saturday, March 17, 2007

About the death of Captain America

False Data sent me an article about the death of Captain America. I was actually surprised to see it since he seemed to be a part of the American cultural legacy. He has been around longer than I have been. He also seems to have been through so many events such as wars and scandals with the American public. His stories have generally represented American public opinions at the time. For many comic book readers or maybe for others beyond this group of people, he might have been somewhat as real as a living-breathing hero can be.

Why did the comic book editor/writer decide to kill him? The article writer mentions:

Captain America has always been used by Marvel to represent the generalconsensus in U.S. politics.

When Americans can't even agree on the principles their nation is supposed to uphold, killing off a symbol like Captain America makes perfect sense.

I think it’s a good analysis. The article writer indicates that, with his own death, Captain America still represents the status of American public opinion – the lack of the principles and/or death of consensus.

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