Friday, March 30, 2007

Food that is bad for your health

Since False Data is sick and having trouble finding something he feels like eating, I cooked macaroni and cheese. It turned out to be very rich and creamy, and probably BAD for your health. You know the foods that are BAD for your health sometimes taste better than those that are supposed to be good for your health. Think about ice cream, really rich and creamy ice cream. We know it has lots of fat and sugar in it, but tastes better than low-fat ice cream or soy-based ice cream.

So, does this mean Velveeta tastes good? What about Cheeze Whiz? I know I am scared to eat Velveeta. It just seems to be very chemical. False Data told me that Cheeze Whiz used to be in a spray can. You just need to use it like a bottled whip cream; squeezing its top and spraying “cheese” on a cracker. …. Ugh! It seems to be something wrong …

Recently, many people became more health conscious than they used to be. Is there still anyone who is happy to eat cheese from a spay bottle?


Anonymous said...

I will admit. I like cheese in a can. I ran 2 miles today, and climbed almost a mile of stairs. I'm trying to be healthy, I eat those vegitable things. All in all I would say I am a healthy person, but I do love that cheese in a can. I'm convinced to this day that Ritz crackers stole my invention - cheese in a can on ritz crackers. Don't knock the spray on cheese until you've had it on Ritz. Unfortunately, Ritz came out with their own version of a Ritz/cheese combo cracker. You know the funny thing, I still avoid eating at McDonalds, it's too artificial.

My favorite is the cheddar and bacon flavor. Yum!

Anonymous said...

oops, I had a typo. Vegetable.