Tuesday, October 18, 2005

They are supposed to be smart…?

I just read about a biology grad. student in a famous university in Japan. It is tough to pass an entrance exam of the university. People believe that students in the university are smart …but are they really?

An advisor of this biology grad. student asked him to send a biological sample (I don’t know exactly what it was) to a lab in the US. The student asked the advisor, “Which country’s stamp do I have to use?” This question shocked the advisor. The story did not end here. The advisor received a phone call from a post office later. A person at the post office asked him “Dr. ___, could you tell me what is the content of this envelop? It seems things inside are broken and some liquid is coming through.” It turned out that the grand. student simply put the sample in a test-tube, put it in a regular envelope, and brought it to the post office. The test-tube was broken while a post-office person was handling it.

Japan used to maintain high education levels, but the levels might be declining?

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