Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"words, words, words" -- Hamlet, II:ii

I was wondering tonight how many words you read in law school. So here's a quick estimate.

Upon opening this book to a random page, I count 61 words in the first 5 lines of the page, for an average of 12 words per line. There are 53 lines per page. Standard reading load seems to be about 20 pages per week per credit. There are about 14 credits, and 15 weeks, per semester.

That's 12 * 53 * 20 * 14 * 15 = 2,671,200 words per semester. At two semesters per year for 3 years, you get a total of 16,027,200 words in your law school career. Give or take a few. And quite a surprising number of highlighters to make selected ones yellow.

That's a lot of words.

OK, back to reading. Words, words, words.

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