Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the clicky keyboard rides again!

Finding a good keyboard is more trouble than I really want to go to right now. So picked up the hardware to make the old IBM clicky keyboard work. For those who might want to follow this path, I'm using a Q-Stor USB to PS/2 adapter (model QUPCBL). Because I've heard these old keyboards can draw a lot more power than the modern ones do, and the USB port on my laptop takes nigh forever to charge an iPod mini, I've run the adapter into an Inland USB 2.0 hub that's rated to supply 500ma per port. Finally, an optical wheelie mouse and a gel-filled wrist wrest complete the set-up. Ah, much nicer typing. And by spinning the tablet PC's screen half-way around, I can get it close enough to still be able to see at high resolution. I may still sound like a machine gun, but at least my wrists are thankful.

I'll probably wait till the Das Keyboard folks announce the model with the key legends and then consider whether to buy one of theirs, with it's quieter key action. In the meantime, if I'm making too much of a racket, changing to the maxi-switch is always a possibility.

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