Wednesday, November 29, 2006

now that's something you don't see every day

As I was driving home, I saw something odd in the sky. At first, it looked like a motorglider and something else nearby. By the time I got home and pulled out the binoculars, it became clear: a sailplane, or glider, was quite low over the city with a police helicopter hovering above. It looked like the sailplane was hunting for whatever thermals it could get to stay aloft and working its way north. We have an aircraft band scanner--listening in helps to keep your radio skills from getting too rusty--so I turned it on and heard them land at Montgomery field a few minutes later. It should be interesting to check out tonight's news for an explanation of how they wound up so low over the city, though it might have something to do with winds aloft: they were predicted to be out of the northeast at 22-38 knots, so maybe the glider got blown into the city.

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