Monday, January 29, 2007

brain's tired

Started the morning trying to cram the law of mergers and acquisitions into my brain. Then it was researching the folks involved in the Disney exec comp stuff: Ovitz, Eisner, Iger. Then ethics rules. Then back to M&A. Then criminal law (which I'm supposed to be helping other folks learn--still figuring out how to do that). Then more Disney deals. Then more M&A (why's the chancellor talking about Unocal in a merger case again?) Then Brin's writing about gun control, Burnham's doing what's next for high tech companies, Schneier's got the attack in Iraq by gunmen in American army uniforms--uniforms as authentication tokens, and Sciam's showing about a zillion science posts. Too many analogies, similes, metaphors. To many verbal and conceptual patterns to sort and match. You can't stop the fire hose, you can only sip and get out of the way.

The brain's like a muscle in many ways. As you use it, it changes. Physically changes. Go blind and a lot of the parts that used to process visual information start to handle other kinds of duties, like maybe auditory functions. Master a musical instrument and the responsible parts of the cortex thicken. Just like your biceps respond to curls, your brain responds to mental curls.

And my brain muscle is pooped.

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