Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas time IS stressful

How many times did I hear a phrase like “Christmas time is a relaxing time with your family” through TV, radio and other mass media? Only non-real people appearing on mass media seemed to enjoy the relaxing time in this season, while the rest of us, real people in the real world, seemed to be almost stressed out with:

Dealing with craziness at shopping mall parking places,
Dealing with drunken/distracted drivers on freeways,
Running around shopping malls to get the last minute Christmas shopping done,
Standing on a check-out line for one hour only to hear “Computers at a check-out counter are down.”
Traveling through and dealing with crowded airports,
Dealing with craziness at a shopping mall again to return gifts,
Catching up homework and getting some work done,
Dealing with family issues that tend to happen whenever family members get together, and
Facing a big credit card bill!

Sorry if reading the list made you feel stressed. Some of the items happen to me almost every year in this season. The repeated experiences made me disillusioned about the “Christmas time is relaxing” phrase. I believe it must be an illusion created by mass media.

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Maria Elisa said...

It was relaxing for me this year because we decided to forgo all of the big family affairs. Small and simple. It won't always be like this, but it was nice just this once.