Tuesday, December 13, 2005

making a living in a pod safe world

I've mostly recovered from being sick and am now studying for the last final. More accurately, I'm now avoiding studying for the last final.

Here's a question to consider: with peer-to-peer file sharing and podcasting causing issues within the music industry, what sorts of business models could a band use to turn those forces to its advantage instead of fighting them? Some bands are using them to release promo tracks to advertise albums, but there's another approach that bands might want to consider, especially those that do well in live concerts.

The Grateful Dead used to encourage people to record their concerts because concerts were where they made their money, not from the recordings. A lot of newer bands may be in a similar situation, especially if they have exceptionally strong stage presence. So the idea is to use podcasts to promote concert attendance: record the concerts, release the live recordings for free as podcasts, and include in each one a blurb about your upcoming concert schedule. The goal here is to develop a nationwide -- or worldwide -- following that'll come to your concerts whenever you're in town to get the live experience, something you can't send over a peer-to-peer network.

This idea's only half-formed, an inspiration during a study break. Please feel free to leave comments or criticism if you like. But if you're a band that likes to tour and has a lot of charisma on stage, it might be worth keeping in mind.

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