Monday, December 12, 2005

Diebold CEO resigns

Raw Story is reporting that Diebold's CEO resigned today for personal reasons. The story notes that the company is facing securities fraud litigation. It also cites a disturbing interview with a whistleblower from a few days ago that raises allegations of vote rigging in the 2002 Georgia gubernatorial and 2004 national elections.

The 2002 gubernatorial election in Georgia raised serious red flags, the source said.

“Shortly before the election, ten days to two weeks, we were told that the date in the machine was malfunctioning,” the source recalled. “So we were told 'Apply this patch in a big rush.’” Later, the Diebold insider learned that the patches were never certified by the state of Georgia, as required by law.

“Also, the clock inside the system was not fixed,” said the insider. “It’s legendary how strange the outcome was; they ended up having the first Republican governor in who knows when and also strange outcomes in other races. I can say that the counties I worked in were heavily Democratic and elected a Republican.”

Raw Story is not necessarily an unbiased news source -- there's a definite tone to the news -- but they do tend to carry documents and information that the mainstream U.S. sources won't touch, where you might otherwise have to hit an overseas source to learn more. It'll be very interesting to see how this one develops.

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