Thursday, December 08, 2005

Drivin' in the Rain

California is in the rainy season again. You have the chance to see driving skills of Californians in rain. Many of them seem to simply get nervous and not to use to drive in rain. Their rainy-day-driving manners appear to reflect their nervousness. Here are the examples I have seen.

Driving very slowly with the hazard lights on.
I guess the driver is warning other drivers that he/she is a potential road hazard and hoping to prevent others from approaching his/her car. I lived in the Midwest and the Upper Midwest and had never seen this driving style until I moved to California.

Driving 35 miles per hour in the third lane on a freeway in moderate rain.
The driver does not seem to realize that traffic builds up behind him/her. He/She also does not seem to have any intention to move to a right lane. This driving style happens in the Midwest and the Upper Midwest when it is heavy snow, but does not happen in a little or moderate rain, to my knowledge.

Moving windshield wipers at full speed in a little rain.

A few rain drops seem to bother some drivers. This is another driving style that I had never seen in the Midwest and the Upper Midwest.

Driving without the headlights on.
I guess the driver does not realize that other drivers may not see him/her, while he/she can see other cars since most of them have their headlights on.

The rainy season has just started. I expect to see a few more drivers like the ones above by the end of the season. Drive safe, everyone!

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False Data said...

Driving very slowly with the hazard lights on.

This one's a personal pet peeve. If you think the situation has gotten bad enough that you present a hazard to other vehicles, it may be time to consider pulling off the road till things calm down.