Thursday, August 16, 2007

a morning at the beach

So far, the pace of this trip's been pretty slow. This morning, there was an outing to the beach, but Kaua'i is so beautiful even such a mundane outing is pretty special. Here are some the best pictures my $10 Innovage Keychain camera from Walgreens could produce.

The drive there (through the car window):

Here's the beach, with a lagoon suitable for snorkeling.

Sorry, no snorkeling pictures, because my Waterproof Camera Enclosure (a zip-lock bag) had a hole in it. I have since replaced said Waterproof Camera Enclosure. Here are the surrounding mountains:

all volcanic rock, of course:

(It looks like the camera has some issues with high contrast images.) There's a hiking trail along the beach. Here are some pictures of the hike:

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