Sunday, August 19, 2007

Waimea Canyon

Well, the $10 camera has officially died. I tried a new battery yesterday but no joy. That probably means no camera for the kayak trip on Tuesday, but till then I'm using a film camera and borrowing digital pictures from friends.

Here's a picture of the farmer's market from yesterday:

Today's excursion was a long trip around the island to Waimea Canyon, a large canyon that somewhat resembles a scaled-down Grand Canyon. Here's a view from an outlook over the ocean.
Here's the canyon itself. Notice the red color in the walls. The red mud apparently stains so well that some local companies use it to die T-shirts.
Here's another picture of the canyon's outlet. Clouds roll through here frequently enough that you have to wait for a break to snap a picture.

On the way back, we stopped at a beach with a children's pool. They'd piled rocks on the beach to create two pools, a larger one for bigger kids, and then, within it, a smaller one for the little kids. The pool-within-a-pool design worked very well, letting ocean water in through the rocks but ensuring there were very few waves in the little pool.

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