Saturday, August 18, 2007

a trip to the secret beach

This morning, we hiked down to a different beach (which we've jokingly named the "secret beach," because of the winding and steep hiking path, which follows an old dirt road, to get there.) As you can see, we mostly had it to ourselves when we first arrived. Looking left:

. . . and right:

I spent most of the morning sitting on a beach towel, staring out at the ocean. Which is not a bad way to spend a morning after all that bar study, though a beer would've definitely improved the undertaking. Anyway, this little guy dropped by to beg some food:

(Unfortunately, we didn't have any food, so the bird was disappointed.)

Later in the day, a couple of us headed out to do a bit of shopping. It was mostly groceries, but I also cashed in the gift certificate from winning the "halfway to Hawaii" guessing game. We also stopped by the top of a gorgeous waterfall, but I forgot the camera so didn't get a picture of it.

Hopefully I'll have more pictures of the activities tomorrow, but the camera's been acting strangely. The AAA battery may be dying.

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