Wednesday, August 15, 2007

off to an auspicious start

We're thinking about calling it the Missed Disaster Tour. I'm in Hawaii now. Yesterday, a hurricane rolled through this place. After I got here today, an earthquake off Peru caused a tsunami advisory for the whole Pacific (thankfully canceled a few hours later.) Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Random graffiti on a stall in the men's in LAX proclaimed "death to America, judgment day 8/10/07." Probably just random bluster. Or maybe it was more of the Missed Disaster phenomenon in operation. I sure hope it was one of the two--I sure didn't notice a Judgment Day, and missing Judgment Day would be a bigger nightmare than the "wait, you mean the final was TODAY???" one.

Other random notes from the trip:

United offered food on the flight--if you paid extra for your (cold) meal. They also offered an upgrade at check-in: five extra inches of legroom if you paid an additional $60. I think market segmentation has gone a bit far in this area.

On the other hand, I came in second in a contest to guess the exact time we'd cross the mid-point in the flight. (In the interests of full disclosure, it was more by luck than by skill.) And the rental agency was out of economy cars so they bumped me up to ta compact, which turned out to be a silver Chevy Malibu. A silver Malibu was my first car, many years ago, so it was interesting to get a chance to drive its descendant. The handling's about like I remember, maybe not quite as snappy without the 350 V-8 but it definitely has that American Car feel to it.

Oh, and dinner was exceptional: salmon glazed with Hawaiian shoyu sauce, Maui onions, and pineapple. Kudos to Mary's mom.

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